About The Program

The Oregon Hazelnut Stewardship Program supports hazelnut growers' commitment to the responsible management of resources and adoption of best practices. The Stewardship Program is managed by the Oregon Hazelnut Commission working in collaboration with Oregon State University Extension.

Hazelnuts have been produced in Oregon's Willamette valley for over 100 years in a way that respects the land and the surrounding community. The industry has supported a production research program since 1949 and is committed to innovation. The Oregon Hazelnut Stewardship Program, initially developed in 2011, demonstrates the industry's ongoing commitment to innovation.

The Program's online self-assessment platform provides growers a confidential method for tracking data associated with production practices and inputs used for every crop year. Growers receive feedback through reports based on the data from orchards that they have self-assessed.

The Oregon Hazelnut Stewardship Program provides the industry aggregated data on grower practices to use for sustainability-related communications. The data also provides a basis for targeting ongoing education and continuous improvement efforts. Join this industry-wide effort to tell the unique story of hazelnut stewardship!

Please visit www.hazelnutstewardship.org to take part in the program.