Grower participation in the Oregon Hazelnut Stewardship Program helps support the industry’s story related to responsible management of resources and adoption of best management practices. Hazelnut growers and handlers can benefit from the program in several ways:

  1. Work towards a common goal across the industry based on a hazelnut-specific definition of responsible hazelnut production practices and stewardship. Identify areas for continuous improvement on farm operations.
  2. Document and track production practices over time using a confidential self-assessment platform. Leverage reporting tools to compare orchard-level self-assessment data against the statewide average adoption rate for each practice.
  3. Develop a market-preference for responsibly produced hazelnuts from the Pacific Northwest. Increased participation in the Oregon Hazelnut Stewardship Program will support the promotion of hazelnuts from Oregon and Washington as the preferred source of responsibly produced hazelnuts for global buyers and consumers.

Please visit to participate in the program.